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Violet the Mermaid
Violet as human
Hero information
Alias: Morgan, Ariel, Vi
Appearance: Mermaid form: a mermaid with black seashell bra, blue horizontal fish-like tail
Human form: a human with beautiful legs
Both forms: long straight raven-black hair (occasionally covering her face), hight: 175 cm, weight: 56 kg, large blue eyes, almost-circular head, fair complexion
Species: mermaid (currently), human (sometimes)
Home: the British isles
Goal and Hobby: supporting and spending time with her new boyfriend Astroid
Likes: friendship, Asteroid and his science techniques
Powers, actions, and abilities: loud siren's screams, strength
Weapons: hands (both forms), feet (human form), tail fin (mermaid form)

Violet is a beautiful, tomboyish, feisty, protective, stubborn, sarcastic, brave, curious, intelligent, solitary, insecure, reluctant, and humorous american mermaid, Asteroid's love interest (now girlfriend), and tertiary tritagonist.