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Full Name
Wilbur "Ump" Matthews
Nathan "Neighbor" Halliwell
Magical Boys
Ump: Chief of the Isle of the Found
Tri-State Area (formerly), Isle of the Found
Ump: a human/wizard hybrid with blue hair, white eyes with teal iris
Neighbor: a human/wizard hybrid with violet colored hair, white eyes with turquoise-blue iris
icelandic human/wizard hybrid
Powers / Skills
spiritual strength
Ump: fire, ice
Neighbor: earth, electricity
psionics, aether (when angry)
body parts, teeth, powers
to spend time with their friends
Ump: being the new chief of the Isle of the Found, spend time with his girlfriend (later, wife), Phoebe McCourtney
Neighbor: spend time with his girlfriend, Paige Wess
to save their friends and land, to protect Charlie Ant from the Blue Aardvark (all succeeded)
Type of Hero
Heroes with a heart of gold, protective heroes, heroic brothers, heroic viking wizards

The Magical Boys; Ump Matthews and his older brother Neighbor Halliwell are "the now viking" humanoid hybrid brothers and the two false antagonists (then two of the main deuteragonists and now two of the major protagonists).