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The Sea Wizards
T C J.jpg
Tori II (left), Cat II (center), and Jade (right)
Hero information
Alias: Tori II
Cat II
Jade II
Appearance: Tori II: a mexican-italian wizard with brunette hair
Cat II: a dull-witted irish-canadian wizard wannabe with red hair
Jade II: a sarcastic jewish-canadian goth wizard with black hair with green (later, violet) highlights
Species: wizards - mermaids
Home: California
Goal and Hobby: to bully/outsmart their enemies
Likes: Cat II: girly stuff
Jade II: messing with Tori II (sometimes)
Powers, actions, and abilities: magic spells and tricks
Jade II: short-temper, strength
Weapons: earth, nature, convexity

Three teenage Sea Wizards; Tori II, Cat II, and Jade II (an anti-heroine) are three of the main deuteragonists.