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Full Name
Elsa IX
Anna VIII (Elsa IX's younger sister)
Rapunzel VI
Merida VII
Hiccup VI
Jack III
Allen IV
Ump IV
Neighbor IV (Ump IV's older brother)
Hiro III
a group of ten large humanoid hybrids
Elsa IX, Anna VIII, and Hiccup VI: scandinavian druid/jötunn hybrids
Jack III: arctic druid/giant hybrid
Rapunzel VI: german druid/giant hybrid
Merida VII: celtic druid/giant hybrid
Allen IV: tanzanian druid/frost giant hybrid
Ump IV, Neighbor IV, and Hiro III: american druid/giant hybrids
Powers / Skills
Elsa IX: ice
Anna VIII: earth
Rapunzel VI: wind
Merida VII: fire
Hiccup VI: electricity
Jack III: ice
Allen IV: ice
Ump IV: aether
Neighbor IV: aether
Hiro III: psionics
teeth, hands, fingernails, feet, toenails, powers, heads
spending time with each other and their friends EJ, CJ, Norse Teens, Elsa VIII, Anna VII, Rapunzel V, Merida VI, and Astrid VI
to defend their friends and other allies from any predicament
Type of Hero
team of heroes, helpful heroes, heroes with a heart of gold

The Team Octagon is a group of ten Jewish, Celtic, Norse, English, French (when angry), and African language-speaking large humanoid hybrids. They serves as the ten main characters (Rapunzel VI (EJ's love interest (now girlfriend)), Merida VII, Hiccup VI, and Jack III are the four main protagonists, Anna VIII and her older sister Elsa IX are the two main deuteragonists, and Allen IV, Neighbor IV, his younger brother Ump IV, and Hiro III are the four main tritagonists). PS., Rapunzel VI is the same age as CJ and EJ and Hiro III is younger then Merida VII and Hiccup VI.