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Full Name
Princess Anastasia Romanova Gilmore
Ana (sometimes nicknamed by her mother)
a young girl with reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, moonstone scepter (briefly)
Powers / Skills
elemental abilities of her scepter: psionics, fire, ice, earth, and aether
scepter, teeth, hands, feet
to spend time with her mother and rule the Sunlight isle
to defend her mother and herself and their helpful friends, getting to the Sunlight isle safely (all succeeded)
Type of Hero
hero with a heart of gold, good leader, heroic princess

Princess Anastasia or simply Anastasia is a Russian romanov princess who her and her mother, Queen Meg escape from the siege and shipped to the safe place, the Sunlight isle, but accidently shipwrecked into the Inner Hebrides. Later, they found help from their new friends, Elsa VIII, Anna VII, Rapunzel V, Merida VI, Astrid VI, Sebastian II, Flounder II, Marlin II, Nemo II, Dory II, Anti II, Hunter, Spyro, Sparx, Cynder, and August to find their way from the Hebrides, though the Amethyst Archipelago and to their new home. Anastasia is one of the main protagonists.