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Norse Teens
Norse teens.jpg
Left to right: Carly, Tori, Drake, and Josh'
Hero information
Alias: Carly
Appearance: a group of 4 norse-teenagers, sometimes with diamond scepters
Species: humans-magicians
Home: Tri-State Area (sometimes), Asgard
Goal and Hobby: to save their land and friends from all sorts of trouble
Likes: friendship
Powers, actions, and abilities: strength
Carly: ice
Tori: fire
Drake and Josh: earth
Weapons: their scepters, hands, teeth, and feet

The Norse Teens are the quartet of friendly powerful Celtic, Norse, French (when angry), and English language-speaking norse-teenagers, friends of EJ, CJ, their sisters, and Team Octagon, neighbors of Thor, Sif, Loki, Tjalvi, and Röskva , and the quinary protagonists.