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Nicole and Chloe
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Nicole and Chloe are forced to cook dinner as punishment for wrecking the mansion by fighting each other
Hero information
Alias: Nicole: Nick, Nikki, Nicolous (named by Chloe)
Chloe: Coach (named by Nicole)
Appearance: Nicole: tall, platinum blonde hair, white eyeballs with blue iris, blue fingernails, violet-colored eye-shadow, white collar
Chloe: tall, strawberry-blonde hair, white eyeballs with blue-green iris, green fingernails, white collar, black eye-shadow
Species: human beings
Home: Chome
Goal and Hobby: supporting the M.R.E.A. (if they're not bickering and fighting)
Likes: Nicole: reading books
Chloe: steak dinners, barbeque bacon, fries, orange soda without ice, apple pies
Powers, actions, and abilities: strength
Weapons: hands, feet, teeth

Nicole and her frenemy/best friend Chloe are the two trash-talking, tomboyish young women who sometimes fights with each other. They are the two supporting characters.

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