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Native American Team
N A T.jpg
Kenai (left), Nita (center), and Koda (right)
Hero information
Alias: Kenai II (Protagonist)
Nita II (Deuteragonist)
Koda II (Tritagonist)
Appearance: Kenai II and Nita II: a couple of eskimos with black hair (human forms), a couple of bears with brown fur (bear forms)
Koda II: a street-wise bear cub with dark brown fur, light brown neck
Species: Kenai II and Nita II: humans (formerly), kodiak bears (currently)
Koda II: kodiak bear
Home: Canada, Washington (sometimes)
Goal and Hobby: to protect their friends and themselves
Likes: their friends being safe
Weapons: Kenai II and Nita II: spears (formerly), teeth and claws
Koda II: teeth and claws

The Native American Team, Kenai II, Nita II, and Koda II are the minor characters who protects their home and friends.