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Full Name
Elsa XI
Anna IX
Hiccup VII
Jack IV
Rapunzel VII
Merida VIII
Evie III
Jay II
Carlos II
Tri-State Area (formerly), Fordjay
a group of teenage MMD team
Powers / Skills
Elsa XI and Jack IV: Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis
Anna IX: Pyrokinesis
Hiccup VII: Electrokinesis
Merida VIII: Terrakinesis
Rapunzel VII: Aerokinesis
Mal III, Evie III, Jay II, and Carlos II: Aethikinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis and Frigokinesis, Terrakinesis
All: strength
hands/fingernails, feet/toenails, teeth, heads, shoulders, new powers
to spend time with each other, being King Allen and Queen Sprite Elsa's royal servants while Elsa XI, Anna IX, and Hiccup VII became captains of the guard
to save their friends and land from trouble, to defeat Scar, defeat John II and Charles II and release Allen Russo, Elsa the Ice Sprite, Rapunzel the Light Sprite, King Zack, Queen Jessie, Queen Jade, Princess Ally, Spiro, Tara, Merida V, Elsa VII, and Anna VI from the golden urn by destroying it and later restore their memories
Type of Hero
remorseful heroes

The MMD group are Allen Russo's seconds-in-command and ten of the main characters who were gifted with new powers; just like their king, Vanessa II and Colette II, but they didn't know how to control them at first. Elsa XI is the protagonist, Anna IX is the deuteragonist, Hiccup VII is the tritagonist, Jack IV is the tetartagonist, Rapunzel VII is the pentagonist, Merida VIII is the sentagonist, Mal III is the serinagonist, Evie III is the octagonist, Jay II is the nunagonist, and Carlos II is the decetagonist.