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Long-nailed Gwen
Hero information
Appearance: a gothic human/jötunn hybrid with black hair with teal blue streaks, 20 foot (formerly, now 12 inch) black/midnight blue fingernails, white eyes with black iris
Species: greek human/jötunn hybrid
Home: California
Goal and Hobby: to save the Holiday Princesses from the Trio of Life Destroyers, to protect and hang out with her three best friends, Long-nailed Courtney, Long-nailed Bridgette, and Sierra Duncan, to spend time with her boyfriend/partner, Fil Wyatt
Likes: friendship, victory
Powers, actions, and abilities: spiritual strength, aggression
Weapons: her body parts, fingernails, and teeth

Long-nailed Gwen is a gothic humanoid hybrid and one of the main tritagonists.