Jade's Viking Tribe
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Hero information
Alias: Carly (Jade's younger sister)
Sam (Ruffnut II and Tuffnut II's mother)
Freddie (Fishlegs II's father)
Tori (Trina's younger sister)
Trina (tori's older sister and Snotlout II's mother)
Cat (Jade's right-hand woman)
Alejandro (Heather's hispanic boyfrenemy)
Heather (Alejandro's girlfrenemy)
Mike (Zoey's husband and Hiccup II's father)
Zoey (Mike's wife, Hiccup II's mother, and Gwen's best friend)
Gwen (Zoey's best gothic friend)
Cameron (one who wears eye-glasses)
Appearance: a group of European vikings
Species: humans
Home: Killarney (formerly), Washington
Goal and Hobby: to obey their chief's orders
Likes: their leader's orders, peace, friendship
Powers, actions, and abilities: strength, dull-temper
Weapons: swords, shields, clubs, and axes

The Viking Tribe are Jade's tribe and the primary tritagonists.

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