Their "Team Symbol"

The Hotness Team is a group of lazy, lustful, mischievous, skittish, partly dim-witted, but helpful and gentle humanoids. They are voiced by Frank Welker, Nathan Kress, and Jason Ritter (males) and Tara Strong (females).

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • Males: gray, brown, dark brown, and/or pale peach skin; white, eyeballs with brown, gray, blue, or green irises
  • Females: beautiful (not all of them); white, brown, dark brown, and/or pale pink skin; white, eyeballs with blue, brown, green, or gray irises

Species[edit | edit source]

Home[edit | edit source]

Outside world: India, Japan, Greece, Etruria, Rome, French Polynesia, and Navada (main homeland); China (all formerly); Tri-State Area

Hobby[edit | edit source]

playing around and daydreaming, spending time with each other

Goal[edit | edit source]

helping their friends, frenemies, and allies in any way

Skill[edit | edit source]

spiritual strength, natural elements (not all of them)

weapons[edit | edit source]

teeth; hands; feet; fingernails; toenails; heads; powers

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