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Heather, Gwen, and Courtney the Witches
Heather (center), Gwen (left), and Courtney (right)
Hero information
Alias: Heather: West III
Gwen: Puckett III
Courtney: Valentine II
Appearance: Heather: a witch with brown (sometimes black with blue/purple highlights) hair
Gwen: a gothic witch with black (sometimes blonde) hair with dark cyan (sometimes blue and violet) streaks, eyebrow piercings (sometimes)
Courtney: another witch with brown (sometimes red) hair
Species: witches
Home: New Jersey
Goal and Hobby: to save the country and their friends, hanging out with each other
Likes: friendship,
Powers, actions, and abilities: magic spells and tricks
Weapons: Heather: earth
Gwen: fire
Courtney: ice
spirit, psionics, convexity, fury

Heather, Gwen, and Courtney are the trio of dull-tempered witches. They serves as three of the tertiary (now primary) protagonists/anti-heroines.