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Heroes who has saved multiple people. These heroes has done their heroic feats on many levels:


  • Possession Savers: They protects valious treasures and/or possessions for greedy people.
  • Mind-Saver: Heroes dedicated to restore damaged minds of people with psychological problems or victims of brainwashing.
  • Soul Saver: Heroes who have freed those whose souls have been cursed or those heroes who have redeemed someone who has been evil.
  • Child Saver: These heroes watch over the lives of people aged 0 to 12 years.
  • Life Saver: Heroes who have saved the life of a person or several people.
  • Family Savers: They have rescued all a family.
  • Species Saver: This type is dedicated to protect species from extinction or any other misfortune.
  • Kingdom Savers: They have saved a kingdom from destruction, tyranny, invaders or any other threat to them.
  • Planet Saver: Heroes who protects their planet from a threat, normally alien or simply caused by a villain from their home.
  • World Saver: This term makes reference to heroes who protects their respective world that could be a kingdom, a planet, a galaxy, a dimension or a entire universe.
  • Universe/Multiversal Saver: Heroes who have often or in the end save a Universe or a Multiverse they live from a villain who is out to conquer or destroy the respective Universe or Multiverse.

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