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This category is for characters who were once heroic, but later turned evil. Many heroes walk a thin line between good and evil, indeed many heroes have fallen into despair, rage, or even madness, and once proud heroes descend further into the path of evil, often fighting against people they once protected or fought alongside. Originally protagonists or somewhat good guys, these villains turn evil due to events in their lives, such as being corrupted by another villain, their desire for revenge, a failed love relationship, or even betrayal from the good side to the dark side. Other heroes however turned evil for more selfish reasons, such as greed or a desire for power. Regardless, fallen heroes are often presented as a cautionary tale in the story they are in, and many also will attempt to convince heroes to turn as they did, such as Darth Vader with Luke Skywalker.

There are various scenarios that involving why these individual are turned to the dark side, though the said individual often to fell onto multiple scenarios altogether:

From Nobody to Nightmare: Scenario where the said individual turned to the dark side in this way often became a shocking events for either viewers, heroes, or other people that learned about this. Reason of this mainly because the said individual are used to be either harmless/helpless, looked down upon, his/her existence was ignored, and worse, considered as an outcast or an individual that often being abused by other people that dislikes/hate them, either the Big Bad or merely minor villains in the story. Once this individual turned to the dark side, they became feared by many people, includes heroes that facing them.

He Who Fights Monsters: These characters act antagonistically enough that they devolves into the Anti-Hero territory. They become this after their tragedy had an terrible effect on them, as they feel that the law just isn't suitable enough (or has become too corrupt and ignorant) to be of any use to them in settling the matter. They may justify their actions by claiming that it's justice he's after, not vengeance, yet in reality, they are out for revenge. Unfortunately, their actions have a negative aspect on their goals, as the more they pursue the cause of their woes, the more they take on the villain's personality and mannerisms — something that they are too blinded by their single-minded goals to realize.

Conversely, it is also possible for fallen heroes to become heroes again, almost always with help from a hero who sympathizes with their story and desires to see them return to the side of good. Often times a hero and a fallen hero will each try to convert the other to their way of thinking.

Sometimes, Fallen Heroes either way die in disgrace or die with honor (whether redeemed or not).

This is also counted as "Face-Heel Turn."

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